This stunning home cinema installation was part of a 20,000-sqft new build villa which features a fully integrated Savant/KNX whole home automation system. The home cinema was designed from the clients brief where they wanted to enjoy time with the family. Having children and grand children staying with them at the villa it was decided that a beautiful 10m long sofa was to be custom designed to accommodate them all!

The cinema features a 6m Stewart wide screen with Barco cinema projector delivering stunning picture quality, whilst the sound is delivered by custom made James Loudspeakers, there are 4 subwoofers on the front wall that stand 2.5m high, each housing 4 x 12″ Subwoofers delivering earth shaking bass, the 7.4 surround system delivers stunning fidelity offering a cinema that would please the most discerning critic.

The acoustic room treatment was incorporated within the design of the room with the right level of absorb and diffuse materials placed behind acoustically transparent fabrics to offer a room that will allow may months, and years of pleasure.