Posted by Matthew Cupper on September 6, 2018
Matthew Cupper

A great home cinema installation company can help you visualise your dreams so that there are no unexpected surprises once the project is finished.

This blog talks you through some of the ways that a room design can be communicated to the client.

Communicating the Finished Room

The importance of a design is critical from a technical standpoint to ensure all of the equipment going into the room will fit and work. It also helps communicate to the trades on site to enable them to build the room.

There is another element to design which is critically important to most clients and that is “What will my finished room look like?.”

This is where a good cinema designer takes on the role of interior specialist where they will create visualisations to demonstrate the final finished result.



Usually this helps however most clients would want to see samples of finishes and agree various accessories and design elements that would be going into the room by inspecting the product in reality not virtually.

Again a good cinema design company can provide samples and mood boards to allow the visual and sensory elements are communicated. 

Often times you can include shopping trips, if needed with the client so that they can select items that they desire to incorporate in the room.


Some finishes do make things a little bit more challenging for the room design and planning. Hard surfaces such and glass, metals, and woods need to be planned to guarantee that their integration within the room works from an operational perspective as well as from design.

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