Posted by Matthew Cupper on September 13, 2018
Matthew Cupper


Don't spoil a great cinema by installing cheap seats... Sounds so obvious but in so many situations I have seen these wonderful rooms with too many poor quality seats where the viewer struggles to sit still for more than 10 minutes yet alone 3 hours!

This blog post discusses the importance of cinema seating and the many options.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Now before we go any further into the technical aspects of the home cinema installation I wanted to cover off this pretty critical element.

Seating is important and it is often an element that is not considered early on in the project and budgeting. 



Home Cinema Seats can be quite expensive, however this is the same for many elements inside of the home, there are reasons for varied costs and obviously different qualities which we will discuss below.

It is critical that you are comfortable when you are in your cinema. The last thing you need is to be stopping the film to get up for a walk around as your leg has fallen asleep!

What are the main considerations for seating?

The main questions to consider for seating are:-

  1. Do you plan to have dedicated cinema style seat or more of a lounge style sofa approach?
  2. How many people will you want to seat?
  3. Will you need to have rows, consider ceiling height also as each row should have a minimum of 450mm between levels.
  4. Will the seats be motorised, you can have a single motor, dual motor or triple motor seat, basically additional motors give you more configuration options, and also increase cost.
  5. What accessories do you require for your seats? You can have cupholders, warmers, coolers, pop up drinks cabinets, heated seats, cooled seats, led lighting, tables, charging stations the list goes on…….

How much does a home cinema seat cost?

In terms of budgeting for home cinema seats I would suggest that a price point from around £1650 will get you into a good base level budget seat, this is avoiding the cheaper Chinese made products and motors however we have seats at upwards of £8000 each for the ultimate in luxury.

The best way I like to compare this is the quality of seats in cars? Your Ford, BMW and Ferrari are all going to have a different grade of seat, and we have options to discuss depending on budget also.



At Adept we work with several seating manufacturers such as Cineak, Moovia, Vismara Design, and Coleccion Alexandra.


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