Posted by Matthew Cupper on February 12, 2018
Matthew Cupper

Not at all, however this has been true in the past, if you were wanting world class state of the art systems installed within your home or yacht, but not necessarily the case anymore.

It would be true that we are involved in several large scale projects located in beautiful homes throughout Surrey & London, but we are also transforming rooms within more modest homes into state of the art Home Cinemas.

With so much news and discussion about Brexit many homeowners are choosing to remain in their existing properties whilst making home improvements delivering pleasure whilst also adding value.

As technology is advancing at a rapid rate, as well as the many new and modern methods of construction available, we are finding that both Home Automation Systems and Home Cinemas are becoming more affordable – no longer just an unaffordable luxury for most.

That spare room within you house or an adjoining building can often be transformed into an area personalised to your taste, creating a haven for you to immerse yourself in sound and vision or simply a family room where you can share the latest movies.

Our new Sunningdale Showroom and Demo Facility is there to showcase what’s available and more importantly demonstrate what can be actually achieved in your own home.

We at Adept Integrated Systems understand that such a financial commitment needs to be thought, planned and delivered; hence our decision to bring The Old Pound House, Sunningdale to life.

No two projects are the same and we wish to share your excitement and help bring your dream to life.