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Frequently Asked questions

How long will it take to install my cinema or media room?

Well this really depends on the project. We have solutions that we can install same day, if you are looking for something quick, but a full build out of a cinema room, if we are given a shell with electricity and heating, could take as long as three weeks.

When could we expect a start date from placing and order?

Usually we are booking projects 3-4 weeks in advance, however on occasion we can work in smaller projects sooner.

Will Adept take on my project from start to finish?

Adept offer a turnkey solution should this be required. We can price the full construction, electrics, heating, ventilation, timber work, joinery, seating and all of the fun stuff too!

What projectors do you use?

The short answer to this is the best one for the room that we are designing! We work with a couple of main stream brands such as Sony, JVC and Epsom, as well as s