This stunning 35,000-sqft property features one of the most sophisticated Savant Apple Mac based control systems within the UK and Europe. The client wanted a superior home cinema system to seat his family and guests.

With the front row featuring four custom made day beds seating up to eight people and the rear row a more conventional row of nine cinema seats offering ample seating for a total seventeen people this discreet cinema installation packs some performance.

Using Savants revolutionary Apple based control system Adept worked with industry leading brands such as Barco, CalAudio Tech, ATI, Screen Excellence, and Arcam to deliver a wonderful discreet Dolby Atmos cinema installation with 4K laser projection and digital streaming content via the homes media sever by Fusion Research.

The whole cinema was designed with full 3D renderings prior to approval. With an acoustic treatment using absorb and diffuse materials around walls and ceilings designed to improve the performance of the sound system speakers where then carefully placed prior to the installation of the stretched fabric finishes to deliver the room exactly as per the clients request.

Lighting and Heating control from KNX has also been implemented throughout the home as well as access control and security from Texecom and Siedele. A CCTV installation featuring 28 IP based cameras, IP based PIR sensors and IP controlled Floodlights led to some complicated programming also. Not to mention 36 4K UHD TV screens and 98 zones of high quality audio!

Whatever your requirements Adept have the experience and expertise to deliver. This project gives the client absolute flexibility to access his music and video and control mood via light without having to worry about how and why it works which is just what the family wanted.

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